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Welcome to the Kool Kids Site Award!

We've been busy making changes. Hope you like
our new look. We now have 3 awards to choose from.
We still have our old original award.
Please do not take any of these awards unless
you have qualified for our Kool Kids Site award.

We are limiting the amount of recipients to 15 a month. However, if you don't get in, don't feel bad. Just resubmit again!

If you want to nominate your website, you have to make sure you qualify using this point system:

1. The Web site creator must be under 18 years old(parents CAN help)
2. No profanities allowed (G-rated)
3. Good grammar & spelling (Aw... shucks!)
4. Nice composition (you know, art)
5. Easy to load (no HUGE graphics)
6. No reference to any of the following: romance/sex, nudity, sensual issues, witchcraft, occult, demons, violence and/or cruelty, violent or occultic video/computer games
7. No references to drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes

To enter a web site you must email us (specify "Kool Kids award" in the subject line) and give us the following information:
Your name and age, email address, URL of the web site, and a short description of your site We will check it out in the next week or so and will let you know if you have won the Kool Kids Site Kup Award!

Please be patient... we are getting about 25-50 nominations per week...
If I somehow forget to include you or reply, kindly email me to remind me!!!

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